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Newsletter n°9

Update 17/03, in confinement:

Dear friends,

My concerts and tours cancel one after the other ... it's very difficult because for most of my gigs, which I organized alone and long in advance, I have no proof / contract to provide later, if one day the state will decide to compensate also the artists ... in short, it's very frustrating because a LOT of work seems to be lost. It must be the case for many people - I know it, but in Hebrew there is the say: צרת רבים חצי נחמה - shared misfortune is only a half consolation...

But I'm rather lucky to be confined with my 2 children and my 6 roommatesin the countryside, in the middle of spring, at the sun. It makes us a nice unplanned vacation and we take advantage to do things that we don't have time to do usually (including playing music together, gardening) ... in any case, I try to see the positive side of this very strange situation.

I hope you too can get through all of this by taking advantage of the bright side… Enjoy being with your family if you can, take time to do things that do you good, and try not listening to the media too much because fear and panic are also contagious and unhealthy!

Here is my Newsletter

First thing: A special addition to this message:

"The Coronavirus Nign". You must listen to this tune (mp3 attached : learn it by heart and sing it 3 to 7 times a day. This "Nign" has the power (דער סגולה) to protect you against the epidemic and especially against its side effects like anxiety, worrying and despair.

I hope late winter is finding you all very well. Looking forward to the spring which is already showing its first signs…

Yesterday I played a solo gig for the very first time. It was at the Paris Yiddish cultural centre (“La maison de la culture Yiddish”). I would like to thank Tal Hever-Chybowski, the director of the centre, for offering me the opportunity for this project. It was a very exciting experience. I am used to playing with others, and playing solo was a new experience which turned out to be very challenging. I found myself with no protection between me and the audience, facing myself as I am… I am happy with what came out of it. The evening went very well. The atmosphere was very intimate, people were exceptionally attentive and there was all in all a lot of emotion. It inspires me to – maybe – offer this solo gig again when the context lends itself to it. A “One-Mentch-show” of sorts…

While nature comes back to life, I will be performing in France, Belgium and the Netherlands with my usual projects. Providing the gigs won’t be cancelled because of the Corona panic (let’s hope!).

Here is a general outlook of the next four months (please contact me for more detailed info):

21 March Kabarétalè, “À travers champs” festival (53)

28 March Duo Szerelem, “Le Challenge” bar, Angers (49)

3, 4, 5 April Duo Szerelem on tour in the Auvergne (63)

16, 17, 18, 19 April Doï Klezmorim duo on tour in the Netherlands

1, 2, 3 May Shtetl St. Gilles Brussels, Belgium (workshop)

15 May Duo Szerelem in Trélazé (49)

20-24 May festival and workshop “Klezmer Rendez-Vous” (gigs every night) at the Tapis Vert, Normandy (61)

20 May The Waxband Project at the Tapis Vert, Normandy (61)

7 June Beygale Orkestra in Villebon-sur-Yvette (91)

13 June Duo Szerelem private event (49)

26, 27, 28 June Beygale Orkestra Trio on tour in Brittany

I would like to remind you that we are currently taking entries for the klezmer music, singing and dance workshops at the Tapis Vert 20-24 May in Normandy. Deadline for entries is 20 April. If you wish to attend, please do not wait until the last minute to register! Thank you.

Here is the link to register and check out the full festival programme (which includes four evenings open to the public):

Virtual kisses,


Illustration by Chloé Mayoux

Doï Klezmorim


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