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Newsletter n. 2

Dear friends, colleagues and public,

Thank you for following me by reading these newsletters. This is only the second one, I'm not used to it yet!

Spring is almost over. I have given a lot of workshops from France and Belgium to Canada.

Summer will be starting soon, the season of "professional grasshoppers". But the ant in La Fontaine's fable will leave us alone, for it is the hardest and most intense season of all for musicians.

Festivals, journeys, concerts, workshops... all over the place!

Three interesting trips are planned for August: a tour with BEYGALE ORKESTRA in Germany (Weimar) and Israel (Safed).

"Yiddish Summer in Weimar" and the Safed festival are probably the two biggest klezmer/Jewish music festivals in the world. However, their respective atmospheres couldn't be more different... It will be fun to switch from one to the other.

Here are my concerts and events for this summer:

  • 29-30 May - Klezmer for beginners workshops at the Centre des Musiciens du Monde, Montreal, Canada

  • 1-3 June - Advanced klezmer workshop, Québec City, Canada

  • 9 June - BEYGALE ORKESTRA (dance evening) Saint-Étienne-de-Montluc (Loire-Atlantique, France)

  • 10 June - TARAFIKANTS in concert at the fiddle festival of Plounéour-Ménez (Finistère, France)

  • 17 June - Workshop at the music school of La Flèche (Sarthe, France)

  • 24 June FREYLEKHS BRIDER (accordion and fiddle duo) in Béhuard (Maine-et-Loire, France)

  • 28 June - KABARÉTALÈ at the Théâtre du Tiroir, Laval (Mayenne, France)

  • 25-27 July - TARAFIKANTS on tour (Brittany and Normandy)

  • 2 August - KABARÉTALÈ at the Jewish Music Festival of Carpentras (Vaucluse, France)

  • 7 August - BEYGALE ORKESTRA in Erfurt, Germany

  • 8 August - BEYGALE ORKESTRA in Weimar, Germany

  • 14-24 August - BEYGALE ORKESTRA at the Safed Klezmer Festival - concerts and workshops

  • 1 September – TARFIKANTS (Mayenne , France)

That's it!

A beautiful summer to all of you and a great holiday to all ants and all grasshoppers!

Fiddly yours,


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