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Newsletter n°1

Dear friends and colleagues,

I hope you’re enjoying the Spring. Here is my first newsletter!

As I promised when I decided to finish with Facebook, I’m going to send you newsletters to keep you informed about what I’m doing professionally (every two or three months).

I’ve now gone one month without Facebook! It is easier than I thought it would be. And nicer too. To be honest, I have the feeling I’m not missing out on much, on the contrary, I feel I’m saving time and gaining peace of mind.

And time is precious, especially at the moment, with so many projects to work on.

First of all, my new website is being completed. Here is the address:

Here are the most important things:

1. The Beygale Orkestra CD has just been released!

2. Spring workshops (Normandy, Brussels, outside Paris and Canada)

3. A tour with Sasha Lurje and the Mini Beygale Orkestra

4. Upcoming gigs.

1 - After 10 years of existence, this wonderful klezmer band (in which I have been actively involved from the very beginning) is finally releasing its first album. 24 tracks of quality klezmer music based on unreleased archive recordings, with 15 musicians… It is a great album and I am proud and excited to be able to share it with you (sound extracts are available on my website on the “Albums” page). The price is 15€.

2 - Upcoming workshops: Spring will be rich in teaching activities! (see also the “Workshops” page on my website).

  • The Easter/Passover weekend workshop at the “Tapis vert” in Normandy.

  • 10-13 May: workshop in Brussels (“Shtetl Saint-Gilles”).

  • 19-21 May: workshop with “Musique d’ensemble 20” near Paris.

  • And early June, a trip to Canada with my faithful music partner Jérôme Block – we have been invited by the Minister of Culture of Quebec to lead a workshop in Quebec City!

I am very excited. I love teaching. It is true what they say – teaching is the best way to learn...

3 - Finally, I will be on tour with the amazing Yiddish singer Sasha Lurje (who will also be teaching at the Normandy workshop).

4 - Some upcoming gigs:

- 7 April: Ghent (Belgium) - Sasha Lurje & le Mini Beygale Orkestra

- 27 April: La Possonnière - TARAFIKANTS

- 10 May: Brussels (Belgium), with Polina Shepherd (festival « Shtetl Saint-Gilles »)

- 23 June: Dol de Bretagne - TARAFIKANTS

That’s all for now… I hope to see you soon.

With love,


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